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How X-Men: First Class Should Have Ended

Greetings fellow mutants We proudly present How X-Men First Class Should Have Ended. Who would've believed that Charles and Erik used to be ... tags: Been Charles Comics Ended Have Heroes hishedotcom

Behind The Scenes - Wizard of Oz HISHE

Lots of people ask how we create our cartoons. From a sketch to the final animation, please enjoy a more detailed look at the animation ... tags: Animation Ended Have HISHE hishedotcom How It

How Twilight Should Have Ended - Bonus Scene

Vampire Staring Contest Originally created with our Twilight HISHE, this was a bonus video made in reference to all the uncomfortable ... tags: animation Bella Bella Swan comedy Cullen Edward ended

How Avatar Should Have Ended - Behind The Scenes

From the HISHE Archives This was my first Sketch of a Navi after we had decided to make the Avatar HISHE. This character is actually not ... tags: animation ended funny have hishedotcom how it

How God Of War Should Have Ended

As seen on Machinima, Kratos traversed the Desert of Souls, bested the deadly traps of Pandora's Temple and then TOTALLY wasted Ares to ... tags: Animated Baxter Comedy Daniel Ended Funny Games

Behind The Scenes: Resident Evil HISHE

Ever wonder how the HISHE crew brings it all together Wonder no more In this episode, we give you an exclusive behind the scenes view on ... tags: baxter comedy daniel ended games gaming have

How Ghostbusters Should Have Ended

Who you gonna find out how Ghostbusters should have ended HISHE Winston, Peter, Ray and Egon reunite for this classic installment ... tags: Akroyd Bill Comedy Dan Ended Ghostbusters Ghosts

How It Should Have Ended Zombies Extra

Behind the scenes look at the making of 'Zombies' If you'd like to read 'the Night Zombies attacked HISHE' you can find it here ... tags: behind comedy comic ended extra have hishedotcom

How Predator Should Have Ended Extra

Check out Daniel's skills as he walks you through step by step on the illustration of the HISHE players. Be on the look out for new content ... tags: arnold choppa ended get have hishedotcom it

How Jurassic Park Should Have Ended

Man those Raptors are smart. Smarter than snakes and way smarter than those darn kids Enjoy our Jurassic Park Parody. Check out the bio on ... tags: comedy dern dinosaurs ended have hishedotcom jurassic

How World Of Warcraft Should Have Ended

Are you tired of the daily grind The Lich King is. There are many ways Arthas' tales should have ended. Here is how he got away from it ... tags: comedy Ended games Have hishedotcom machinima Of

Empire Strikes Back HISHE - Bonus Footage "Happy Vader"

There were a few more 'I have a son' moments to the Happy Vader sequence in the original Empire Strikes Back HISHE, but they were taken out ... tags: anakin back behind clone darth emperor empire