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Markos Moulitsas critiques Cain's answer to sexual harassment charges

'Countdown' contributor Markos Moulitsas critiques the press conference Herman Cain held to explain the sexual harassment charges against ... tags: Countdown hermancain Keith Moulitsas Olbermann withCountdown

Attorney Debra Katz explores the charges of sexual harassment against Herman Cain

Debra Katz, a partner at the Washington, DC, law firm of Katz, Marshall Banks, says that the case is long past the statute of limitations ... tags: 2012 Countdown GOP hermancain Katz Keith Olbermann

Worst Persons: Jan Brewer, Herman Cain and Glenn Beck

Find out why Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is WORSE Herman Cain is WORSER and Glenn Beck is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for Nov. 2, 2011. Tune ... tags: beck Brewer Countdown glenn hermancain Jan Keith

Worst Persons: Herman Cain, Gov. Scott Walker and Bill O'Reilly

Find out why Herman Cain is WORSE Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is WORSER and Bill O'Reilly is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for Oct. 26, ... tags: Bill Ca congress Countdown Current democratic Democrats

Is Herman Cain Pro-Choice?

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was very confused about his 'pro-life' stance when asked about abortion by Fox News host ... tags: cainpro-choice hermancain hermancainabortion hermancainfoxnews hermancainpresident hermancainprochoice hermancainstossel

Worst Persons: Harold Camping, Michele Bachmann, Ed Rollins and Herman Cain

Find out why Harold Camping is WORSE Michele Bachmann and Ed Rollins are WORSER and Herman Cain is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for Oct. ... tags: Bachmann Camping Countdown Ed Harold hermancain Keith

Ron Paul Wins Value Voters Summit Straw Poll

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul won the Value Voters Summit straw poll by a large margin over Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, ... tags: familyresearchcouncil Frc hermancain michelebachmann rickperry ricksantorum ronpaul2012

Jimi Izrael on Rick Perry: He is kind of the Cosmo Kramer of the GOP

Keith and NPR contributor Jimi Izrael analyze the Washington Post story about a rock with the word 'Niggerhead' painted on it that once ... tags: Countdown hermancain Izrael Keith Olbermann Perry Rick

Palin Calls Herb Cain "Flavor of the Week"

In a recent interview Sarah Palin called Herman Cain 'Herb' Cain and then called him the 'flavor of the week.' Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur ... tags: Alaska anakasparian Cain cenkuygur flavoroftheweek Gop herbcain