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News Wrap: Merkel Warns Eurozone Debt Could Take Years to Fix

In other news Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned it could take years to fix Europe\'s staggering debt problems. She spoke amid ... tags: EU Euro Europe Germany GOP Herman Cain Hour

Herman Cain desiste da disputa pela Casa Branca

Mesmo afirmando que as acusaes feitas contra ele so falsas, principal oponente de Obama desiste da campanha presidencial. tags: band Casa Branca Estados Unidos EUA Herman Cain presidciaband

TJC's The Salon Ep. 15 Promo

12/02/11 Jewish women discuss sex-segregated buses in NYC the impact of Occupy Judaism the pitfalls of Jewish divorce and the plight of ... tags: agunot anita hill Beverly Siegel changecommunications claren get refusal herman cain

Ron Paul: Herman Cain Should Drop Out Because He Worked for the Federal Reserve

12/02/11 -Please like, share, subscribe comment 11 -- Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, ... tags: 2008 2012 campaign dotcom drop out herman cain new hampshire

Herman Cain Dropping Out? NEVER!

11/30/11 Herman Cain's campaign 'manager' Mark Block said yesterday that Herman Cain was reassessing whether to stay in the ... tags: 2012 affair allegations block cain campaign drop

A Word From Joe EP19 "Gays and Rights"

Joe gives the hard truths about gay marriage, rights, freedoms, the constitution, politicians, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Will Smith and ... tags: A Word From Joe aword Episode 19 From gay gay marriage Gays and Rights

Black Friday & The Republican Candidates

11/25/11 It's Black Friday Or as the Republican presidential candidates call it... a premise for a joke. tags: 2012 black friday candidates election Friday gingrich gop

GOP Hopefuls Draw Sharp Divisions on Foreign Policy at Debate

Eight Republican candidates gathered Tuesday night in Washington, DC, for their 11th debate, which centered on foreign policy and national ... tags: 2012 debate herman cain Hour jon huntsman michele bachmann mitt romney

Republican presidential candidates foreign policy TV debate

Republican presidential hopefuls, including Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, and Newt Gingrich debate ... tags: America Barack Obama Democrat Herman Cain itnnews Jon Huntsman Michele Bachmann