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Warning Signs

Check out our new channel The song in the post-roll is available here Joel gets a little cautious around some safety ... tags: blue caboose chopped compactor danger half hand

Yin Style BaGua conditioning & basic training

Yin Style BaGua conditioning basic training Now brothers sisters can get my Yin Ba Gua Zhang system of Master Xu Shi X E-book at Barnes ... tags: (sport) baguazhang bajiquan china dao gongfu hand

Remove Finger Trick

A magic trick, juggling five balls, and a joke all in forty-seven . Removing your finger is a fun and easy trick that freaks people out. ... tags: ball bar challenge close up comedy easy ericsurf

FAIL Blog: Put Your Back Into It FAIL

For hundreds more FAIL videos that aren't on our Youtube channel, go to Come visit to see our best FAIL videos. Multiple ... tags: 360 Back Blog: Epic Fail Blog failblog fails

New video of Gaddafi son Saif al-Islam - first hours in captivity

New and exclusive footage of Seif al-Islam Gaddafi's first hours in captivity has emerged showing the son of late dictator Colonel Muammar ... tags: Criminal Court fingers Gaddafi son gaddafi son captured hand ICC injured

Atlas Shrugged: The Freedomain Radio Review

Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, reviews the movie 'Atlas Shrugged' http tags: Atlas Shrugged ayn Ayn Rand dagny Economy galt hand

Tight Handshake

This Is An Instructional How-to Video On Mine And Gloors Handshake. tags: car crazy fast hand handshake jeezy lil

5" Double Cut Saw HARBOR FREIGHT

NOT a PAID SPOKESPERSON. I bought the saw and liked it. These saws are available from many different sources now. Harbor Freight is one of ... tags: (film) BLADE Blade (comics) Blade (film) Chain cuttersaw DOUBLE

1st Time Using AS50 by @ItsYouTubeDude MW3 Modern Warfare 3 Sniping

Seems like a pretty good gun if I can do this my 1st game o Add me Twitter Click the LIKE button if you liked ... tags: autumn blackops camo comm commentator fall gold