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Newegg TV: AVerMedia Game Capture HD Overview

12/01/11 Newegg 15-100-097 Here we have a Game Capture HD, made by AVerMedia, Model MTVGCAPHD. Check out the video for more ... tags: avermedia AVI Capture HD Gameplay in 1080i Component Video deals electronics Game Capture HD

Blu-ray Vs. Direct Download

10/31/11 Is Blu-ray better than direct download That's a tough question. Blu-ray certainly has plenty of benefits including ... tags: compression digital direct download h.264 media mp4

Can Video Quality Be Compromised on YouTube?

09/16/11 Ojmar, a member of the LockerGnome community, asked 'Can video quality be compromised on Youtube' YouTube has a powerful ... tags: avi codec download h.264 lossless media mov

What is Bit Rate?

08/16/11 If you've done any video editing and/or encoding, you've probably seen a setting that allows you to adjust the bit rate ... tags: bitrate H.264 rate videobitbitrateH.264

How Does Video Compression Work?

When digital footage is shot using a camcorder, the files created are often very large. These uncompressed files represent the raw moving ... tags: audio avi H.264 h264 m4v media mov

What is VP8?

08/08/11 In short, VP8 is an open video compression format. Google, after acquiring On2 Technologies, ... tags: brandon-wirtz Codec compression Google h.264 media mp4