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The Ninja Choke Off a Guillotine Attack

There are several ways to hit the ninja choke, most commonly from the rubber guard but if you have flexibility problems or knee problems ... tags: 101 arts attack brazilian choke grappling guard

Keith Owen: Is your goal a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Keith Owen talks about goal setting in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the most common things that will derail you from achieving that goal. tags: 101 arts belt bjj black brazilian goals

A detailed look at the Americana Arm Lock from Side Control with James Foster

Here Coach James Foster demonstrates a basic key lock setup from side control, as well as the keys to finishing the hold and getting the ... tags: 101 americana bjj brazilian control foster gracie

"Shoulder Walk" Side Control Escape with James Foster

Here Coach Foster shows a variation of the traditional side control escape when your partner or opponent has full control of your head. In ... tags: 101 bjj brazilian control escape gi gracie

MMA Corner with Tom Gavrilos: Is Wrestling the Best Art for MMA?

Tom Gavrilos answers the question Is Wrestling the the best art for Mixed Martial Arts IF you have any questions, please email Tom at ... tags: 101 Anderson Silva Art Cain Corner grappling jitsu

MMA Corner with Tom Gavrilos: KO and Being hit hard feeling

Got a question Ask Tom Here Tom talks about what it feels like to get hit hard or knocked out in MMA. tags: 101 BJJ gavrilos grappling Karate knocked KO

The Omoplata Shoulder Lock: Revisited

The omoplata his a leg over shoulder lock that is very common in MMA and Jiu Jitsu. We have several videos on how to defend against it as ... tags: 101 Arts bjj brazilian gracie grappling jitsu