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News Wrap: Merkel Warns Eurozone Debt Could Take Years to Fix

In other news Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned it could take years to fix Europe\'s staggering debt problems. She spoke amid ... tags: EU Euro Europe Germany GOP Herman Cain Hour

BENGA & YOUNGMAN Teaser - 10th of Dec 2011 by Chrome! Dub

10th of December 2011 Benga and Youngman supported by Chrome DJs Flexomat, Dublic Enemy and Pandem Location 603QM, Alexanderstrae 2 in ... tags: 10th 2011 603 603qm alexanderstrae and anonym

How are you guys??? IAM BACK!!!!!!!

Just checking in to say hello to you lovely guys.. sorry I have been away.. pls like and fav me vid,, send youi good luck if you do xD tags: Cat england france games germany laptop of

Delegates arrive in Bonn ahead of Afghan summit

More than 90 countries are gathering at that meeting in Bonn with the goal of plotting a path for Afghanistan, after NATO's withdrawal. ... tags: Afghanistan Al Al Jazeera aljazeera Bonn English Germany

German city evacuated after WWII bomb found

At least 45000 people in the German city of Koblenz have been ordered to leave their homes for a day after an unexploded bomb was found in ... tags: Al English germany jazeera koblenz Rhine River. world world two

Key absences challenge Afghan talks in Bonn

The Taliban's boycott of the Bonn conference on Afghanistan, 10 years after they were absent from its precursor, raises grave doubts about ... tags: Afghanistan Al Bonn conference English Germany Jazeera Pakistan

What's Next for the Eurozone?

12/03/11 What's Next for the Eurozone FXE EWO EWG EWQ. The 'European Debt Crisis' has hit the markets with extremely ... tags: Ben Bernanke Brazi Currency Dollar Economy Education ETF Trading

China the Savior: BRICS cementing Euro-deals

While Western economies are struggling, the East has seen rapid financial growth. China's presence in Europe can be felt more than ever, ... tags: banking brazil china crisis debts EU Europe

Land ohne Perspektive? - vor der Afghanistankonferenz in Bonn | Politik direkt

In drei Jahren soll Afghanistan selbst die volle Verantwortung fr die Sicherheit im Lande bernehmen. Derzeit sind noch rund 130.000 ISAF- ... tags: Afghanistankonferenz Bundeswehr Deutsche Welle deutschewelle Deutschland DW-TV Germany