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Trashopolis - The Treasure Hunting Mudlarks

Today's 'mudlarks' are treasure hunters in the rubbish, finding historical artifacts in centuries-old waste. tags: architecture culture Europe garbage infrastructure london smithsonianchannel

Trashopolis - London: Sneak Peek

More than a trashy novel, London's garbage tells tales of romance, adventure and tragedy. tags: architecture culture Europe garbage infrastructure london smithsonianchannel

Plastic Bottle House

Why throw your garbage away when you could build a house out of it Presenting the plastic bottle house.. tags: Argentina bed bottle design diagonaluk education environment

Greece battles video: Clashes, firebombs as thousands march in Athens

Thousands of protesters on Thursday took part in an annual demonstration in the capital Athens to commemorate 1973 crackdown on a student ... tags: 48 hours airport austerity budget business clashes cutback

Greek dis-EUnity: 'New govt has remnants of junta'

Thousands of Greeks have taken to the streets of Athens in a warning to new Prime Minister Lucas Papademos. But this new government is not ... tags: 48 hours Athens austerity budget business clashes cutback

Waste Hierarchy: How an iPad Gets Recycled

Complete video at Tom Szaky, CEO and founder of Terracycle, describes the recycling process for electronic devices. 'Each type of ... tags: cell compass computers e-waste electronic electronics ewaste

Scientists on the 'Massive Issue' of Space Junk

Complete video at A group of scientists discuss the growing international concern of space junk and debris originating from ... tags: cleanup compass costs danger debris earth fora

Ninja Squirrel VS Stoners

They heard a noise in the garbage can and decided to see what was in there... Twitter Cannabustin tags: 420 animals arts can cannabis Cannabis (drug) cannabustin

'Greek deal no bazooka but water pistol in face of inferno'

European banks have agreed to write off 50 of the debt owed to them by Greece. It was decided during an emergency summit in Brussels, where ... tags: Angela Merkel Athens aus Brussels summit crisis cuts EU

Max Keiser: Debt slash = debt hike, collapse guaranteed!

With the euphoria over the deals reached at Brussels dying down, the numbers are now being pored over by economists and experts to see if ... tags: Angela Merkel Athens austerity Brussels summit budget crisis cutback

No cash? We swap! Greeks' creative crisis solution

After a night of tough negotiations European leaders clinched a deal on Thursday, agreeing to have banks take bigger losses on Greece's ... tags: airport Athens austerity budget business Cary Johnston cutback