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What Do I think of the Current World Situation? - A Rambling/Waffling Rant

A slightly pessimistic and disjointed ramble/rant about the world in general and the globalist agenda. . tags: 2012 agenda calendar consciousness earth gaia galactic

Classic Game Room - BEN 10 GALACTIC RACING Nintendo Wii review

Ben 10 Galactic Racing review. Classic Game Room reviews BEN 10 GALACTIC RACING Nintendo Wii, Ben 10 game is also available for Xbox 360 ... tags: 10 Ben 10 Galactic Racing Ben 10 game Ben 10 racing Ben 10 video game Ben 10 videogame characters

Boogiezone SD - Mikey Mesina - Groups/Solo

Meet Mikey Mesina My name is Mikey Mesina. I have been dancing for 7 years. I am one of the founders of Indecisive Dance Krew, also known ... tags: beat Boogiezone Diego galactic IDK lehgo manipulator

UFO fleet filmed by 4 different cameras, Bronx, NY USA, August 2011

More and more undeniable sightings of UFOs produced over major cities. There is clearly a progressive disclosure which is going on, this ... tags: 2011alien 26th ahstar annunak ascended August Bronx

Strange Object in Sky - Could This Be Elenin?

I captured what appears to be a tetrahedron shaped object in the sky on 9/16/11 1205-1210 am In PA, EST. The object flickers and appears ... tags: 0899 alien Alignment binarydwarf cs Earth Eastern

Amazing UFO Fleet Over Fukushima Japan March 26, 2011

UFO Fleet Over Fukushima Japan March 26, 2011 ---- Incredible Footage tags: 2011 2012 26 51 area beam blue

Gold Ring Andromedan Enlightenment

GoldRing Solstice Lyran Wave christianity healing conspiracy ufo alien space aliens earth planet meditation health spirituality yoga ... tags: age alchemy astral atlantis awareness cosmic dimension