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Body Language That Gets The Job

You sound great on the phone, by e-mail and in social media. Don't blow it in person. Christine Jahnke, author of The Well-Spoken Woman, ... tags: Christine Jahnke Deborah Jacobs eye contact First impression Forbes getting a job good posture

What Drives A Billionaire

Clay Mathile, founder of Aileron, an entrepreneur boot camp, shares what inspires him. America's Most Promising Companies tags: Aileron Billionaire billionaires Brett Nelson business career development entrepreneurs

Inside The Forbes Celebrity Charity List

Forbes editors discuss which stars were the most generous with their fame in 2011. Read the story on Forbes tags: bon jovi bono celebrity charities forbes haiti impact justin bieber

Inside Pakistan: A Reporter's Notebook

Forbes' Helen Coster travels through Pakistan with Acumen Fund CEO Jacqueline Novogratz. tags: Acumen Fund charitable giving charity Forbes health care Impact 30 impact investing

Impact Investing: Beyond Charitable Giving

Authors Jed Emerson and Antony Bugg-Levine on using for-profit investments to solve social problems. tags: Acumen Fund Antony Bugg-Levine charitable giving developing world Forbes Helen Coster Impact 30

ScoreBig's Adam Kanner

The startup online-ticketer gets a warning about tough decisions to come. America's Most Promising Companies tags: Aileron Clay Mathile entertainment entrepreneur Forbes Joni Fedders management skills

HUMAN Healthy Vending's Sean Kelly

Social entrepreneur looks to billionaire Clay Mathile for advice on personal habits of great leaders. America's Most Promising Companies ... tags: Aileron business growth career growth Clay Mathile entrepreneur Forbes healthy food

IntegriChain's Kevin Leininger

When your company grows at 60 a year, you need a savvy board to keep things on track. America's Most Promising Companies tags: Aileron board of directors Clay Mathile forbes health care integrichain Joni Fedders

CampusBookRentals' Alan Martin

The digital slice of the 10 billion textbook market is still small. When to go after it America's Most Promising Companies tags: Aileron business career growth Clay Mathile college textbooks digital books