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Supreme Court Hears Landmark GPS Tracking Case

Can the government track a suspect using a GPS device without a warrant That question was at the center of a high-profile case before the ... tags: device fbi gps Judy Woodruff Marcia Coyle national law journal scotus

The Eighteenth Scroll by BA Hoffman Book Trailer

FBI Special Agent Frank Jackson Turner is reassigned to the San Antonio, Texas office to investigate the murder of a Border Patrol Agent. A ... tags: book trailer book video CIA cosproductions FBI Mystery Suspense

SYN ahhaha

Place your Syns in the comments below tags: Blogs CFR CIA Comedy DHS FBI FEMA

False Flag Terror in Atlanta, Georgia! This Time it's "Right-Wingers"!

If you see something, say something...then the government will draw it out to the extent that will dupe the public. MSNBC article ... tags: atlanta attack big bullshit dhs fbi flag

Hasan Elahi: FBI, here I am!

10/31/11 After he ended up on a watch list by accident, Hasan Elahi was advised by his local FBI agents to let them know when he was ... tags: Art Arts blacklist Data Director FBI Hasan Elahi

Fritz Springmeier: Revelation of The Method 4/6

Fritz Springmeier covers a whole list of topics with Alex Jones today. most important, 9/11, JFK, Illuminati Bloodline rituals using ... tags: 9/11 alex Author Bloodlines by FBI Illuminati

Black Banners

'Black banners The Inside Story Of 9/11 and The War Against AlQaeda' is the name of a recently published book by Ali H Soufan, a former ... tags: 911 Aisha Khalid Al Qaeda Ali H Soufan Ali Soufan author Ayesha Khalid