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Turkey scrambles to reach earthquake victims

Rescue workers in Turkey are scrambling to dig people out of the rubble after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the eastern Van province. ... tags: al jazeear aljazeera anita mcnaught earthquake europenewsal jazeearaljazeera

Turkey presses ahead with PKK offensive

The Turkish military is continuing to hunt down Kurdish fighters involved in an attack on its soldiers along the border with Iraq. Al ... tags: Europenews Iraq; military; PKK; Turkey;EuropenewsIraq;

Who are the PKK?

Al Jazeera breaks down the 1984 formation and recent activities of the Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK. Abdullah Ocalan founded the group in ... tags: Al Jazeera aljazeera europenews Kurds PKK TurkeyAl Jazeera

Turkey's retaliation to PKK crosses Iraq border

In response to a recent Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK attack that killed 26 Turkish soldiers, Turkish military forces by attacking PKK ... tags: Al Jazeera aljazeera Europe europenews Istanbul Kurdistan Workers Party PKK

Old and new media meet in British Library

With Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, now reporting greater sales of e-books than traditional print copies, the movement to ... tags: Al Jazeera aljazeera Book Ebook europenews LibraryAl Jazeera

The high price of Berlusconi's phone calls

A recent article by an Italian journalist has brought up new allegations against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Italians are ... tags: Al Jazeera aljazeera europenews Italy RomeAl Jazeeraaljazeera

The new battle lines between employers and workers in Britain

In Britain, there's growing evidence that employers are taking unprecedented steps to undermine the rights of workers in order to save ... tags: Europenews; jobs; Laurence Lee; UK UK;Europenews;

Rome 'Occupy' protest turns violent

Violence has broken out in Rome as tens of thousands nicknamed 'the indignant' have marched in European cities in protest against ... tags: al jazeera aljazeera claudio lavanga europenews occupyeurope occupyitaly occupyrome

Afghan asylum-seekers fear return home

Young Afghans comprise the majority of unaccompanied asylum seekers arriving in the UK. The British government, along with other European ... tags: Al Jazeera aljazeera Asylum Europe europenewsAfghanistanAl Jazeera

Hungary town still shaken by toxic sludge

It was one year ago that the residents of Kolontar endured the worst environmental disaster in Hungary's history. Ten locals were killed ... tags: Al Jazeera aljazeera environment environmental disaster Europenews Kolontar toxic sludge