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[Eng Subtitles] Fever of Karbala - Haaj Mansur Arzi

This is an eulogy in which Haaj Mansur Arzi talks the feelings and emotions of an azadaar during these holy nights of Muharram. Thanks for ... tags: ahlelbayt ahlulbayt Arzi Ashoora Ashura Baynol daghe

[Eng Subtitles] Karbala: City of Lovers - Abdul Reza Helali

This is an eulogy relating to the month of Muharram in which Helali is talking about the one who mourns for the tragedy of Ashura longs to ... tags: Abdul ahlelbayt ahlulbayt Ashoora Ashura Awan Baynol

Shahadat Al-Imam Al-Baqir 1432 -- شهادة الامام ...

AnIslamic Arabic Elegy / Latmiyah / Nauha by Muhammed Nazar Al-Basry commemorating the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Muhammed Al-Baqir AS ... tags: Bagher Baqer Baqir Basri Basry Canada Charitable

Let's Play Fallout 3| Part 101: Paradise Falls

After saving one hostage sorry pal from the super mutant holdup we head out a little ways and make it to Paradise Falls where we are ... tags: 101: A/V Clover collar cord Crouise dazzle

Amy Winehouse Funeral

How to talk to children about death Tuesday July 26, Amy Winehouse was laid to rest. The private funeral was held at the Edgwarebury ... tags: 27 blake fielder-civil cremated eulogy funeral kelly osbourne london

[Eng Subtitles] 'It is impossible to remove their love' - Abdul Reza Helali

This is an eulogy talking about how a believer is longing for a visit to the Shrine of Aba Abdillah al-Husayn a in Karbala. Helali ... tags: Abdul ahlelbayt ahlulbayt Ashoora Ashura Awan Az

Get to know me tag! Random :)

So I'm getting used to all this technology..tI edited the begining out so that's why I say I think I already said that... haha sorry. but ... tags: allthatlgitters21 balloons blair fowler class elle fowler ellesglittergossip eulogy