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Frosty The Snowman - Jimmy Durante (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live! No Lipsynching!

Note This video is about 3 years old Sorry for the bad quality At least, the audio held up lol I had a request to bring this older classic ... tags: children Christmas classic cover dancer Durante Eng

Gotham City Impostors animated "Taxi" trailer

Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment released a new Gotham City Impostors animated video chronicling the ... tags: city eng Gamehelper gotham imosters vignettecity

We Can Live with God Again

Our lives will not end when we die. Our future lives are determined by the way we live our lives now. tags: eng Messages MormonengMessagesMormonOur Heavenly Fathers Plan

Love Is A Rose - Linda Ronstadt (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live!

NOTE Since I am a Texas girl, this southern flavored song suits me to a tee, lol NOTE 2 This wonderful song was written by Neil Young ... tags: branson classic country Cover dancer dolly Eng

President Packer Talks about Seventy (Part 3)

President Packer and members of the Seventy speak about keys of the priesthood and delegation, part 3 tags: eng Messages Mormon Prophets and Apostles SpeengfeatureMessages

Punish! [Full AMV]

I really hope u enjoy this video And please watch in HDThis video follows Fair-Use Rules The video was only made for Artistic Expression, ... tags: 3ssp amv best bleach chapter deutsch dub

Proclamation Series: Daughters of God

Parents have the responsibility to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of their children while they teach them to love, serve, and ... tags: eng Prophets and Apostles SpeengfeaturesProphets and Apostles Spe

Elder Nelson Visits Kenya

Elder Nelson teaches that if families will follow the example and teachings of the Savior of the world, they are more likely to be happy, ... tags: eng Prophets and Apostles SpeengministryProphets and Apostles Spe