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Prime-Time Report - Wednesday, November 30th

The move for World War III by the enemies of humanity has further escalated with the events of this weekend, the first being the ... tags: air attacks EMU euro collapse european monetary union laroucheyouth NATO Pakistan

DMUs and EMUs in Autumn on Jules's Garden Railway

I have recently Acquired some 2nd generation DMUs fairly cheaply and with the onset of the dark winter evenings I decided to have a go at ... tags: 158 170 2-EPB 2EPB 4-CEP 4-VEP 4CEP

FastRunner, a robot Ostrich

Dr. Russ Tedrake MIT and Dr. Jerry Pratt IHMC are working on a bio-inspired ostrich robot that should be able to achieve running speeds in ... tags: bio-inspired biologically-inspired DARPA emu Fastrunner IHMC MIT

Kangaroo vs Emu: FIGHT!

This started as an innocent-enough video of a kangaroo humping a branch, then took an unexpected turn. tags: australia emu featherdale fight park sydney wildlife

Australian birds hold great promise in India

Poultry farmers in the Indian state of Punjab have begun to breed the native Australian bird, the Emu, not just for its meat but also for ... tags: al jazeera aljazeera Australia Emu food Hoshiarpur meat

Let's play Megaman Zero [Part 3] Breaking into a secret base!

yeah let's find a secret base and break into it with the power of technology. so i start with a sorta mid stage which is just a tank boss ... tags: 8bit advance battle blizzack boss capcom emu

Another World - 20th Anniversary iPad App Review -

Today A retro revival of epic proportions A review of Another World by App Another World Price 4.99 iOS Universal View this ... tags: 20 another app apple appolicious appstore appvee

Train accident in Tamil Nadu; 10 killed, 70 injured

At least 9 persons were killed and more than 70 injured when a passenger train from Chennai rammed into a stationary train near Sitheri ... tags: Arakkonam Chennai EMU killing newsx Passanger train Red signal

Late Summer 2011 on Jules's garden railway part 1

An ecclectic mix of trains on my garden railway. Mainly EMUs again but with an added flash of the USA thrown in. I went to the USA earlier ... tags: 4-CEP 4-EPB 411 Bachmann Branch Class EMU