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The New York -Last Chance- Skywriting (10-09-2011) ~ PSY-OP Exposed - Stabilized

Also watch The Fukushima Pointing Man is a Projection 08-28-2011 'Identity Revealed' PSY-OP Exposed The full text written ... tags: 2012 9/11 bluebeam chance chemtrails conspiracy deception

VOLCANO ALERT - Amazing Footage Of Mount Nyamulagira Spewing Lava 200ft High

Mount Nyamulagira, in Virunga National Park, has been spewing out 200m high fountains of bright red lava since the beginning of November. ... tags: 200ft 2012 africa amazing anon anony anonymous

Changes in Play--Nibiru, Elenin, YU55

Jelaila gives an update on global ecnomic, and political changes along with info on YU55 and what to expect. Get Jelaila's messages ... tags: Earth Changes Elenin Iraqi Dinar jelaila Planet X YU55Earth Changes

Will YU55 Hit Earth? My Opinion Is....

Why all the changes Scary Brian Williams NBC News Broadcast It is my Opinion that all the ... tags: Astroid Comet Elenin MontagraphAstroidCometElenin

The New York "Last Chance" Skywriting Projection (10-09-2011) ~ Artwork Artist PSY-OP Exposed

Also watch The Fukushima Holographic Ghost Man Projection 08-28-2011 The full text written related to this video 'Lost Our ... tags: 2012 9/11 black bluebeam chance chemtrails city

Unidentifed Object Changing Colors and Morphing

This object appears to be closer to Earth's horizon now. It is south of Orion. tags: 0899 and Changing Colors cs Elenin mia

Elenin/Nibiru-what comes next?

Jelaila discusses the recent passing of Elenin and what it means for Nibiru's coming passage. Also included are guidelines to determine ... tags: earth changes Elenin emotional clearing jelaila Nibiru Planet XComet Elenin

Pt.15/16 The Global 2012 NWO Platform ~ The 9/11 Mystery and the Great Architect ~ Turn of Events

Part 15/16 of The Global 2012 Platform Your World IS Changing by nibirushock / frombabeltoireland. the 2012 NWO Agenda The Greater ... tags: 11 175 2012 77 93 age air

The 2012 NWO Agenda 15/17 ~ 9/11 in Reverse ~ Bringers of the False New Global Dawn Light Utopia

Part 15/17 of The 2012 NWO Agenda Your World IS Changing by nibirushock / frombabeltoireland. The Bluebeam Generation pt.3 for pt.4 ... tags: age braun carol conspiracy dark elenin experiment