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European Far Right Trying to Erase Violent Past

Immigration is one of the hottest topics in Europe today. And it's an issue giving far right grass roots organizations and political ... tags: EDL English Defense League far right Fascists Great Britain immigration London

Muslim protesters burn US flag outside memorial service

A group of British Muslims calling themselves Muslims Against Crusades staged a protest nearby the memorial service for the September 11th ... tags: anti-american British muslims burning US flag EDL english defence league memorial muslims against crusades

English Defence League Pig March On Mosque

The English Defence League in pig head mufti gather to march on a mosque in London's East End. Here they are at Liverpool Street, Saturday ... tags: EDL English Defence League Liverpool Street London Madam Miaow race

EDL Racist Rabbi

Amusing video of a Rabbi who inadvertantly speaks the truth and gets cheered by a group of EDL english defense league supporters. I ... tags: apartheid edl israel racistapartheidedlisrael

Curiosity Rover Trailer

This animation shows key events of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission Curiosity rover, which will launch in late 2011 and land on Mars ... tags: EDL Gale crater. heat shield jplnews landing Mars Mars exploration

Sharia Law: Battlefield London

There's Islamic leadership tension in Britain - with hardline Muslims trying to enforce Sharia law in London. From abstention to ... tags: Britain demonstration EDL faith fascism hatred human rights

Sébastien Chabal interviewé par la Télévision suisse romande (TSR) - 02 août 2011

En visite Lausanne, Sbastien Chabal parle de lui, de son sport, de l'quipe de France et de son avenir tags: Edl rugbyChabalEdlrugby

The Oslo Wake Up Call

The Full Oslo Story Sun blames Al-qaeda made by the Killer the EDL by Anders person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 ... tags: anders attack bnp bomb brevik dead edl