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Next on DEATH BATTLE! - Roll Call

Only on - Wily and Eggman gather their death-machines to create the ultimate robot army Who else will join the battle tags: death battle Doctor Eggman mecha sonic mega man metal man robotnik screwattack

DEATH BATTLE! - Master Chief VS Doomguy

Episode 18 - Halo VS Doom The original FPS space marine takes on his modern-day successor in a brutal duel to the death Can Master Chief ... tags: 343 bfg bfg 900 broomstick bungie death battle doom

DEATH BATTLE! - Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui

Episode 16 - Street Fighter VS King of Fighters Thighs VS boobs The legendary Chun-Li duels the voluptuous Mai of SNK's Fatal Fury to end ... tags: animation boobs broomstick capcom death battle fatal fury girls

DEATH BATTLE! - Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter

Episode 15 - Star Wars VS JK Rowling Can a wizard from Hogwarts fight a Jedi Master in a one-on-one duel to the death Two heroes from two ... tags: animation broomstick deadliest warrior death battle duel fight george lucas

DEATH BATTLE! - Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black

Episode 14 - The most famous teen pop star ever meets the YouTube sensation behind the worst song ever made Logically, they must fight to ... tags: animation ark music factory baby beliebers bieber black boomstick