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Greece battles video: Clashes, firebombs as thousands march in Athens

Thousands of protesters on Thursday took part in an annual demonstration in the capital Athens to commemorate 1973 crackdown on a student ... tags: 48 hours airport austerity budget business clashes cutback

Greek dis-EUnity: 'New govt has remnants of junta'

Thousands of Greeks have taken to the streets of Athens in a warning to new Prime Minister Lucas Papademos. But this new government is not ... tags: 48 hours Athens austerity budget business clashes cutback

CrossTalk on Euro: Financial Fiasco?

Is the eurozone bound to fall apart Who will cling to the euro till the very end Is the exit strategy becoming as appealing as the entrance ... tags: agreement austerity austerity package bailout budget Claire Hill crisis

Too Big to Bail: 'Europe got no cash to save Italy'

It's Greece that heads the line of countries destabilising the eurozone - and it's in Athens that a new coalition 'unity' government has ... tags: Athens austerity Berlusconi budget business crisis cutback

CrossTalk: Euro Haircut

Can these Eurozone summits achieve something more than just calming down the markets Is there any scenario that can help Greece stay in the ... tags: Athens austerity Brussels summit budget cutback cuts economy

Max Keiser: Debt slash = debt hike, collapse guaranteed!

With the euphoria over the deals reached at Brussels dying down, the numbers are now being pored over by economists and experts to see if ... tags: Angela Merkel Athens austerity Brussels summit budget crisis cutback

No cash? We swap! Greeks' creative crisis solution

After a night of tough negotiations European leaders clinched a deal on Thursday, agreeing to have banks take bigger losses on Greece's ... tags: airport Athens austerity budget business Cary Johnston cutback