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CrossTalk: Pakistan's Revenge

When will US-Pakistan relations reach a point of no-return Will the US stop its war on terror at the expense of civilians How can the ... tags: Ahmad Majidyar Crosstalk death toll Islamabad Masha Charnay militants military coup

CrossTalk: EUNITY

How much will the eurozone crisis divide Europe Will we see less trust among nations Will it allow nationalism and xenophobia to become ... tags: angela merkel anti-immigarion britain Charles Kupchan crisic Crosstalk currency

Crosstalk: GOP Repo-men

hat has happened to the traditional Republican views on foreign policy Can Obama's foreign policy be viewed as hawkish And if it can, then ... tags: Australia Bill Schneider candidate Clifford Schecter Crosstalk foreign Gaddafi

CrossTalk: Iran War Drumbeat

Is the latest IAEA report a case for a war with Iran Why does the US get to read it first Is there enough evidence to conclude that Iran's ... tags: atomic bomb Atomic Energy Agency atomic weapons atta Crosstalk Hooshang Amirahmadi IAEA Iran report

CrossTalk: Welfare to Not Fair

Much of the developed world is still reeling from the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown. Austerity measures have begun to wipe out ... tags: 2008 crisis allan meltzer austerity measuers ben bernanke china gdp Crosstalk federal reserve service

CrossTalk: Western Interventions

Is there a case for humanitarian interventions What can justify them Or is it just a cover for preserving the order the West is comfortable ... tags: Balkan war Bosnia Crosstalk humanitarian intervention Ian Williams independence Iraq