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LaRouchePAC Auroras- Beautiful Warnings October 30, 2011

Over a planet steeped in the greatest financial collapse in modern history and perhaps even a greater geopolitical crisis, on Monday, ... tags: Cosmic Rays Forces of Nature In-DepthCosmic RaysForces of NatureIn-DepthSpace

LaRouchePAC Dr. Edward Calabrese The Fraud of LNT and Future of Radiation October 14, 2011

LPACTV interviews Dr. Edward Calabrese, an environmental toxicologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst whose career research ... tags: Cosmic Rays Empire Green Fascism Health Policy In-Depth Nuclear Power Space

LaRouchePAC A Vernadskian Law of Evolution October 11, 2011

Meghan Rouillard, of LPAC's Basement Research team, has just completed a new translation of a paper by Vladimir Vernadsky, called 'The ... tags: Basement Forum Cosmic Rays Infrastructure SpaceBasementBasement ForumCosmic Rays

LaRouchePAC Cody Jones Tuning the Universe For Man September 29, 2011

How does Man interact with the domain of cosmic radiation and the extended electromagnetic spectrum, and how might he tune these processes ... tags: Cosmic Rays In-DepthBasementCosmic RaysIn-Depth

LaRouchePAC Basement Discussion Evolution of Cosmic Radiation Sep 28, 2011

Today's discussion focuses on evolution and viruses from the standpoint of cosmic radiation. Are viruses particles Do particles exist tags: Cosmic Rays In-DepthBasementCosmic RaysIn-Depth

LaRouchePAC Todd Nordquist on Vernadsky NAWAPA at Kennewick Conference sep 26, 2011

At the Annual Kennewick Conference, Todd Nordquist introduces the NAWAPA project from the standpoint of Vernadsky's Law of Continually ... tags: Conferences Cosmic RaysConferencesCosmic RaysInfrastructure

LaRouchePAC Thursday, September 1 - While You Were Sleeping

Although we averted much greater disaster with our advanced satellite capability, those same satellites have already been cut from the ... tags: Cosmic Rays Daily ReportCosmic RaysDaily ReportForces of Nature