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Public Sectors, Private Predations - A Plea Across Generations

The facts, data and realities behind British public sector pensions, pay and benefits. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular ... tags: communism debt democracy Election fascism Government national debt

British Blood Unions Strike!

11/30/11 More examples of the impossibility and inevitable self-detonation of the devil called 'demoncracy'. From Freedomain ... tags: communism democracy fascism political theory socialism stefbot strike

China is Sliding Back into Totalitarianism - Stefan Molyneux Interviews Gordon Chang

Subscribe to Conversations with Casey for free At the Casey Research/Sprott Summit When Money Dies, Gordon Chang, a columnist for ... tags: Asia beijing chang china chinese communism export

There is no such thing as absolute truth!

An article deconstruction on the question of whether or not it is reasonable to accept the concept of absolute truth. Hosted by Stefan ... tags: absolutes analysis article christianity communism ethics fascism

Mahmoud Abbas: Graduate of Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow

Hon. James David Manning, PhD explains how Mahmoud Abbas is influenced from graduating at the Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow. Recorded on ... tags: Abbas Barack Communism David Graduate Hussein James

Africa and China, Dr. LMadu1

Comments With Dr. James Haney PresentsChina inAfrica, Dr. LMadu, International Lawyer and one of the foremost authorities on Africa, South ... tags: African Americans China Civil Communism Economics Oil

Occupy DC Pushes Grandma Down Stairs

DC Protesters assaulted conservatives as they exited an Americans For Prosperity 'Tribute to Ronald Reagan' dinner. elderly woman, 78 ... tags: and Biden big communism Democrat democratic dirty

CrossTalk: Communist Crash

Twenty-years ago the Communist Party of the Soviet Union cease to exist. Weeks later the Soviet Union as a sovereign state too would pass ... tags: 1991 Beissinger China civil war communism Gorbachev legacy

Lithuania trying to sue Holocaust survivors

Lithuania declared this year as one of remembrance for the country's holocaust victims. But that doesn't include focusing on the brutality ... tags: communism genocide holocaust Holocaust lithuania victims holocaust survivors joseph melamed lithuania