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The Secret Lives of the Brain

Complete video at David Eagleman, neuroscientist and author of Incognito The Secret Lives of the Brain, discusses the relatively ... tags: biology cognition consciousness david eagleman fora

Bad is Pain

Without pain there would be no concept of badness tags: bad cognition confrepx embodied jaysoundar poetics value


The title is expressed in this way because that is the way that cognitive metaphors are usually expressed. My claim is that the abstract ... tags: bad cognition cognitive confrepx consciousness good image

Lukas' Documentary, HD, Directed by Hadi Khalil / IPA

08/19/10 1 2011 American Horse Publications Award winning video - 'Nice interviews, well thought out script, good story line ... tags: amazing animal childr clicker cognition documentary fun

Lukas' Guinness World Record Introduction.

12/12/10 Lukas' owner Karen Murdock introduces Lukas' Guinness record and gives her reasons for the attempt. tags: advocate animal animal reform laws animal treatment best ch clicker

Lukas on Time Warner

01/27/11 Lukas in the spotlight - Time Warner CNN Headline News and best friend Karen shares some fun info. tags: advocate animal animal welfare clicker cognition funny Guinness

Are You Born Good or Evil? - Horizon: Are You Good Evil? - BBC Two

More about this programm Professors Paul Bloom and Karen Wynn, at Yale University's Infant Cognition Centre, look for signs ... tags: bbc bbc two cognition horizon infant morality paul bloom

Limited Cognition - Episode 3 (Halo Reach Machinima)

08/30/11 to watch Limited Cognition - Episode 2 Halo Reach Machinima Limited Cognition - Episode 3 Halo Reach Machinima The story ... tags: 1st 360 882224444477 Bungie Cognition console Drift0r