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PENTAX Q "05 TOY LENS TELEPHOTO" Lens Video Test Footage

The PENTAX Q is a good camera. I can take beautiful photos easily. So how about its video mode I tested it with the '05 TOY LENS TELEPHOTO' ... tags: 05 TOY LENS TELEPHOTO cat cicada digital camera DSLR duck footage

Sparkler - The Last Weekend of Summer 晩夏の夜の線香花火

In summer night, Japanese people enjoy toy fireworks at their backyard. People see the short-lived fireworks and feel the transience of ... tags: cicada ephemeral firework kids meteoric night piano

Summer Camp in Oku-Chichibu, Japan ...

This summer, I went to Oku-Chichibu, Saitama-pref to camp with my family. There are many insects, birds, woods and very beautiful sights. ... tags: camp camping Chichibu cicada Japan stick vacation

Prime Numbers

2,3,5,7,11,13. Prime numbers, kids. We're breaking it all down for you. for show credits Twitter Facebook ... tags: aliens carlsagan cicada contact cute movies prime

Cicadas - The Code - Episode 1 - BBC Two

In episode one of The Code, Marcus du Sautoy travels to Alabama to meet Dr John Cooley who explains how periodical cicadas rely on safety ... tags: Alabama bbc bbc two cicada Dr John Cooley du Marcus

Cicada Songs

Today we didGrocery shoppingLegosCicada DancingOnce again, the settings on the cam got messed up, so it is not good quality. ... tags: accident boy child cicada clean cleaning cold

Yaoi Kills Me Everytime

Warning major yaoi don't like don't watchYay This is my audition for Insatiable Desires Studios. I was going to use my Someone Like ... tags: anime audition bl Cicada Desires Fuyu ga

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ending vEp1 - Empty Cicada by Shikata Akiko

Hey The manga and novel are really interesting. I guess that is also biased since The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is an awesome novel ... tags: akiko cicada empty ending ep1 itsuka kuro