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CNBC's Mandy Drury: "It was my dream to come to New York" - Media Beat (3 of 3)

Drury calls 'Street Signs' her dream job. 'It was my dream to come to New York,' says the Australian native. 'As a business journalist, ... tags: asia australia Bloomberg Business news cable chris ariens CNBC

Mandy Drury Talks About CNBC's Big Personalities - Media Beat (1 of 3)

After working for nearly a decade in Singapore and Sydney newsrooms, Mandy Drury says coming to CNBC's World Headquarters in New Jersey was ... tags: anchor asia australia bloomberg brian sullivan business news cable

Media Beat: Chris Jansing (3 of 3)

'J' schools can teach all they want, but nothing tops getting real-life experience in a newsroom. MSNBC's Chris Jansing has spent spent ... tags: advice anchor browns cable news chris ariens chris jansing dream interview

Media Beat: Chris Jansing (2 of 3)

What do down-the-middle news anchors do when the cable network around them moves predominantly left We asked MSNBC's Chris Jansing, the ... tags: chris ariens chris jansing interview jansing and co journalism left liberal

Media Beat: Margaret Brennan (2 of 3)

Bloomberg TV anchor Margaret Brennan is an example of what happens when parents let their kids watch too much news -- they end up reporting ... tags: business chris ariens CNBC interview margaret brennan News tv

Media Beat: Margaret Brennan (1 of 3)

This week Margaret Brennan marks two years on the air on Bloomberg TV. The UVA grad thought she'd be working for the State Department. But ... tags: andrew morse andy lack bloomberg bloomberg tv cairo chris ariens cnbc