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Inside Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Journalists have been allowed inside Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant for the first time since it was wrecked by an earthquake and ... tags: ATOMIC CHERNOBYL DISASTER NEWS NUCLEAR PLANT SKY

Ucrania: veteranos de Afganistán y ex trabajadores de Chernóbil se enfurecen cerca del ...

Los veteranos de la guerra de Afganistn y personas que trabajaban en la zona del accidente de Chernbil siguen protestando contra la idea ... tags: Afganistan Berkut broke chernobil Chernobyl dissolution down

Nuclear Power: Risks and Consequences

Earth Focus Episode 32 Nuclear Power Risks and Consequences, an original Earth Focus investigative report, looks at the untold stories ... tags: Chernobyl Disaster Energy Environment Fukushima Link TV Nuclear Disaster

NATURE | Radioactive Wolves | Unintentional Green City | PBS

10/17/11 The ghost city of Pripyat was once a thriving metropolis. Today, it's a city that is green, in an unnerving and unintentional ... tags: Chernobyl exclusion zone Nature Pripyat Prypiat radiation WNET

NATURE | Radioactive Wolves | Radioactive Wolf Pups | PBS

10/15/11 Scientists study wolf pups living outside the Exclusion Zone in an effort to assess the health of those populations born inside ... tags: Chernobyl exclusion zone Nature radiation WNET wolvesChernobyl

NATURE | Radioactive Wolves | Preview | PBS

10/14/11 The historic nuclear accident at Chernobyl is now 25 years old. Filmmakers and scientists set out to document the lives of the ... tags: Chernobyl exclusion zone Nature radiation WNET wolvesChernobyl

New, Clear Energy: Russia's Atomic Revolution

With rising demand for energy, especially electricity, the world is in need of new resources. Fossil fuels produce harmful carbon emissions ... tags: Chernobyl eco-friendly ecology electricity environment Fukushima green

Rod Webber - "Blind With Love" - Live (In Studio) 9-29-11

I'm doped to the gills on time// I'm addicted to traveling back/// I'm too fat to beg for plutonium on Park Avenue. We're building a better ... tags: Astroturf black and white Blind with love Bob Dylan chernobyl fracking helter skelter

'Turismo nuclear' en Chernóbyl: ¿recuerdo de la historia o negocio?

Sgannos en y Prpiat, la ciudad ms afectada por la catstrofe nuclear de Chernbyl que tuvo lugar en 1986, desde ... tags: 1986 atomic blast Chernbyl Chernobyl destroy destruction