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B Chilton CFTC (Text/Mails), CCC White Paper MF Gl Warehouse Certs

Commodity Coalition White Paper My 2005 Article Warren Edward Pollock wepollock goes into bulldog mode once again ... tags: and bart certificates certificats cftc Chicago Mercantile Exchange chilton

My Friday Talk with a CME Executive

Does the CME structure as a publicly held company been preventing that organisation from protecting its customers as pledged and by its ... tags: america bank Bank Of America cftc Chicago Mercantile Exchange cme Forex

Deep Throat on "American Theft"

Warren breaks financial 'Watergate' of 2011-2012 with confirmation that our financial system is broken beyond repair because of legal ... tags: cftc corzine Deep Throat educational fdic Finance financial

Top Gov't Official Admits Failure to Regulate - MF Global (REAL NEWS)

A top level executive of a major regulatory agency gave me his opinion as to why his agency was not able to catch fraud and co-mingling of ... tags: abc bbc cftc economics fox global media

Karl Denninger - MF Global and OWS - Crony Capitalism = Theft

A discussion with Karl Denninger, author of a recent book 'Leverage' available on Amazon. MF Global, What if the money is gone ... tags: Analysis Business CFTC Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME confidence Economy

Regulations on Speculation Weak, But Better Than Nothing

William K. Black Regulations passed by CFTC gutted by industry pressure, but some progress given DC politics tags: Bill Black CFTC DC industry passed politics

w o r l d w i d e : r E V O L U T I O N

'We will not be silenced, whether you're a Christian, whether you're a Muslim, whether you're an atheist, you will demand your goddamn ... tags: Bart bias Bots ceiling CFTC Chilton Cliff

Secret Exemptions Allowed Speculators to Distort Futures Markets

Michael Greenberger former Chief of Staff to Brooksley Born Secret deals with CFTC staff led to futures markets with 80 speculation tags: Born Brooksley CFTC Distort Exemptions Futures Greenberger

Will CFTC Limit Excessive Speculation?

Bart Chilton Pt.3 For regulations to be effective, there has to be political will and proper resources tags: Bart CFTC Chilton Commission effective Excessive Futures

10 Lobbyists per Member of Congress Fighting Effective Finance Regulations

Bart Chilton I get around 100 visits from finance reps for every one from community advocates tags: advocates Bart CFTC Chilton Commission community Congress