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Question for Snow White & the 7 Dwarves: GOP FoxNews Google Debate

Well, since FoxNews and Google asked for some questions to put to the eight GOP presidential candidates yes, that means Michele Bachmann is ... tags: Candidates Debate Fox foxnews Google Michele Bachmann Mitt Romney

Fox News/Google Debate: Watch it live on 9/22

On Thursday 9/22 at 9 pm ET, the GOP candidates will answer the questions you asked in the Fox News/Google Debate. You can watch it live ... tags: 2012 candidates debate election google GOP politics

CNN/Tea Party Express Debate - Rick Perry Vs. The "WEAK" Seven Pt. 2

Gallup Obama Job Approval 43 - 50 The Republican Candidates go to Tampa, Florida with their talking points, and who can thrill ... tags: Bachmann Blitzer Cain CANDIDATES Cheering Debate die

Newt Gingrich calls out Obama's hypocrisy on corporate tax "loopholes"

Asked if tax loopholes for oil and gas companies should be eliminated as president Obama has proposed, Newt points out that every green job ... tags: 2012 election candidates energy GE republican tax loopholes2012 election

Newt: Fix Social Security So Obama Can't Keep Scaring the American People

Newt is asked how to save social security. He points out that personal accounts will prevent politicians from being able to scare the ... tags: 2012 candidates republican social security2012candidatesnewt gingrich

Shields, Brooks on Obama's Jobs Speech, Perry's Debate Debut

Columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks weigh in on the week's top political news, including President Obama's jobs plan, the latest GOP ... tags: 2012 9/11 Brooks Candidates Election GOP Jim Lehrer

Independent Election Candidates Challenge Chinese Authorities

LinkAsia September 9, 2011 Independent candidates in China's local elections are using social media to get the word out about their ... tags: candidates democracy election independent li chengpeng liang shuxin linkasia

LinkAsia News: 9/9/11

LinkAsia News 9/9/11 As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11, new terrorist attacks shook South Asia this week, hitting both India and ... tags: alcohol Bhum candidates democracy drinking election independent

LESTER & CHARLIE 2012: What You Don't Know About Bachmann

What you don't know could hurt you Find out what secrets Lester Charlie uncovered while researching this questionable 2012 Republican ... tags: 2012 baby bachmann barack candidates charlie comedy

SAG Election Interview: David Joliffe & William Mapother

Screen Actors Guild National Board Committee Members David Joliffe and William Mapother share their views on the SAG-AFTRA merger. ... tags: acting actor actors aftra back backstage Board