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A Stranger Is In Search For Ranbir Kapoor On The Sets Of 'Barfii'

Some stranger is in search for Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of 'Barfii'. Could Ranbir Kapoor be in trouble Is this some kind of joke Who is ... tags: barfee barfi basu burfee burfi burfii burp

Anurag Basu Misplaces His Hat On The Sets Of 'Barfii'

Director Anurag Basu misplaces his hat during the shoot on the sets of 'Barfii'. He doesn't seem too happy about it, until he finally finds ... tags: ba barfee basu burfee burp cake cap

Ranbir Kapoor Caught Sleeping On The Sets Of 'Barfii'

Ranbir Kapoor was caught taking a nap on the sets while shooting for his upcoming movie 'Barfii'. Director Anurag Basu is not very happy ... tags: anurag barfee barfi basu burfee burfi burp

Anurag Basu gets angry on the sets of Barfii

Pissing Anurag Basu off isn't easy but we have the perfect recipe Catch him losing his cool on the sets of Barfii with Ranbir Kapoor, ... tags: angry barfee barfi basu bloopers bollywood burfee