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Prime Time Report - Thursday, December 1st

Last week on Thanksgiving day Lyndon LaRouche issued a warning that the stage was being set to get World War III started through the ... tags: British empire larouche laroucheyouth LPACTV Russia sykes-picot Syria

The Status of the Obama Crisis- World in Review - Nov 21, 2011

Today Lyndon LaRouche provided a strategic assessment of the political situation globally. Tonight we provide the five factors associated ... tags: British empire british puppet laroucheyouth Obama remove Obama world war 3British empire

Lyndon LaRouche- Strategic Assessment - November 21, 2011

This morning's overview features an urgent strategic assessment from Lyndon LaRouche identifying the British Empire's increased drive for ... tags: british empire laroucheyouth LPACTV strategic assessment world war 3british empireDaily Report

LaRouchePAC The World in Review · November 18, 2011

The question posed by Kesha Rogers in her blog post today, as to whether you are too worried about appeasing a Narcissistic Obama to stop ... tags: British Empire Kesha Rogers laroucheyouth narcissistic remove obama thermonuclear war18

LPAC Thursday November 17th, While You Were Sleeping

In the build up to war there is the factor of an unconscious reverence to an oligarchical principle. Although people many think that ... tags: British empire culture freedom Limari Navarette Bedford LPACTV nuclear war oligarchy

LPAC Weekly Report November 16, 2011

Lyndon LaRouche, Sky Sheilds, Peter Martinson John Hoefle discuss the fact that this is the end-game for the oligarchical system and pose ... tags: british empire china creativity extreme weather galactic weather human species iran

LaRouchePAC Monday, November 14th - While You Were Sleeping November 14, 2011.mp4

The issue at hand with the present turmoil in the middle east, is not what country did what to what country, the issue, is that Obama is an ... tags: 25th amendment British empire middle east nerobama new balkans world war 325th amendment

LaRouchePAC Who We Fight- Episode I November 6, 2011

Americans only fight wars to end them, and to secure a peace as soon as possible. The British Empire never seeks peace, and, since the 1763 ... tags: Bill Guarnere British empire LPACTV Montgomery Operation Market Garden Who We FightBill Guarnere

On the Edge of World War III: A Warning from Lyndon LaRouche

On Saturday morning Lyndon LaRouche discussed the threat of a British-sponsored World War III, stating that the Middle East is the new ... tags: British empire Libya LPACTV Lyndon larouche Middle East New Balkans Obama

LaRouchePAC Syria - Potential Detonator of World War October 31, 2011

The British Empire intends to use regime-change in Syria to detonate the 'New Balkans' region and trigger World War III. This outcome is ... tags: British Empire New Balkans Obama Syria World War III WWIIIBritish Empire

LaRouchePAC Weekly Report November 2, 2011

This week's report discusses the immediate threat of WWIII how the Libya events were set up as a precedent to launch us towards war. Syria ... tags: British Empire financial crisis Gaddafi murder Libya LPACTV remove Obama Syria