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Let's Briefly Play Super Fantasy Zone - An Interesting Shooter

I honestly hadn't played it before long enough to even know there was a shop and such, or maybe the less super version didn't have one or ... tags: An Briefly classic video game Fantasy game gameplay games

Let's Briefly Play Battletoads - Death Spree

I think everyone knew this would turn out like this. This game's kinda boring to me. tags: Battletoads Briefly classic video game Death game gameplay games

Let's Briefly Play Populous II - Trials of the Olympian Gods - Drowning People!

This all paid off in the end. And then they decided I shouldn't have fun anymore, and it got boring, the end. Also, Plok sings tags: Briefly classic video game Drowning game gameplay games gaming

Let's Briefly Play Donald Land 02 - I've Had Enough Cheeseburgers Now

I'm pretty sure if I went to mcdonalds one more time I'd get cancer, so that's enough of this. tags: 02 Briefly Cheeseburgers classic video game Donald Enough game

Let's Briefly Play Donald Land 01 - Not The Donald I Was Expecting

What, you thought horrible movies were all that was happening tonight NOPE. We got burgers to order tags: 01 Briefly classic video game Donald Expecting game gameplay

Let's Briefly Play Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion - It Gets Boring Quickly

Yay, a new unexplainable glitch joins the wheel Oh, and then there's that guy. I should have bought nyancat before playing, maybe I would ... tags: Boring Briefly Castle classic video game game gameplay games