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Border Brutality: NATO tear-gasses Serbs in Kosovo

NATO troops in northern Kosovo have fired tear gas to disperse a crowd of local Serbs resisting the dismantling of a barricade near ... tags: barricades Belgrade brutality dismantle barricade Don debar KOSOVO Mitrovitsa

When Police Attack (OWS @ FOLEY SQUARE, #N17)

When Police Attack OWS FOLEY SQUARE, N17 I'm spending 99 days with the 99... DONATE TO HELP FUND THE PROJECT more at ... tags: #n17 #ows 99% acronym tv barricades Brooklyn bridge

Barricades of Freedom: Kosovo Serbs build cage against NATO

The long-lasting standoff in Northern Kosovo continues, as NATO peacekeepers use tear gas against the local minority Serbs. Their life ... tags: Albanians Alexey Yaroshevsky Balkan war barricades Belgrade breakaway region conflict

Barricaded Kosovo Serbs 'victims of history'?

For latest updates, follow RT on and At least a thousand Serbs and Nato soldiers in riot gear remain in a face ... tags: Albanian barricades commander Dejan Bodicevic Dobrivoje Putnik Erhard Drews faith

Army of Stones: Kosovo barricades Serbs' only weapon

Serbs in Northern Kosovo say they'll take defensive action against any NATO attempts to clear their roadblocks near the border with Serbia. ... tags: Anissa Naouai barricades bias Branko Ninic KFOR Kosovo Kosovo Serbs

Barricadas contra el avance de la OTAN en el norte de Kosovo

RT en Twitter en Facebook vecinos del norte de Kosovo, de etnia serbia, han bloqueado los caminos ante el avance de las fuerzas de ... tags: avance Barricadas barricades Belgrade Belgrado fuerzas de paz KFOR