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Banks Videos - 8 by Popular

Meltdown - A global financial tsunami

How an epidemic of fear caused the world's major banks to stop lending, triggering protests and industrial action. tags: aljazeera banks collapse economy financial crisis meltdown novod

Occupy Wall Street

Was in New York all last week-- went down to OWS on Monday, October 17th. I'm going to make a 'thoughts from places' vlog on my main ... tags: 17th 2011 99% america anonymous are banks

What the 99 Percent Are Fighting For: Three Reasons There Are Two Americas

The 99 Percent Movement is spreading, and their gripes are legitimate. How did we get to a place where the richest 1 percent of Americans ... tags: 99 percent banks cap center for american progress inequality movement occupy

ZoNation Occupy Oakland

LINK TO FULL VID FaceBook Twitter tags: arrests banks California bail outs chase civil disobedience economy federal reserve

Beyond Reality - America's Next Top Model 17 Recap 11/2/11

Beyond Reality - America's Next Top Model 17 Recap 11/2/11 Thanks for subbin, favoriting thumbs upping Send us something for the ... tags: andre antm banks challenges discussion game model

Don't Occupy Banks! 'Move your money Day' kicks off in US

For people who want to play their part in the 'Occupy' movement, but don't feel like hitting the streets, Saturday is the day to act. It's ... tags: 99% arrests wednesday Bank Transfer Day banks debit debt is slavery deposits

Talk - Ellen Brown - Public Banks and Why We Need Them

Ellen Brown author of 'The Web of Debt The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free' talking about the public ... tags: Bank Banking Banks BND Brown Dakota Debt

capitalism is broken - Michael Moore on CNN

Michael Moore supports the Occupy Wall Street movement and said in a CNN interview that '2011 capitalism is broken' specifically that banks ... tags: Abc Anderson banks Bbc capitalism Cooper corruption

Off to College...

Adopt a Graduate Signing up for debt sucking your parents dry. tags: banks cost credit debt economy education expensive