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Balkan War Videos by Popular

Barricades of Freedom: Kosovo Serbs build cage against NATO

The long-lasting standoff in Northern Kosovo continues, as NATO peacekeepers use tear gas against the local minority Serbs. Their life ... tags: Albanians Alexey Yaroshevsky Balkan war barricades Belgrade breakaway region conflict

CrossTalk: Western Interventions

Is there a case for humanitarian interventions What can justify them Or is it just a cover for preserving the order the West is comfortable ... tags: Balkan war Bosnia Crosstalk humanitarian intervention Ian Williams independence Iraq

'West wants to punish Serbians alone for Balkan wars'

The defense team of the former Yugoslav army general Momcilo Perisic say they'll appeal the verdict of the Hague tribunal. It's after the ... tags: Balkan war general Momcilo Perisic Hague war crimes tribunal Kevin Owen Marco Gasic Radovan Karadzic Hague September 2011

Unique Mladic: Hague tribunal wants copy of RT interview

The interview with war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic made public by RT two weeks ago seems to have been news not only to the general public, ... tags: 1995 Mladic interview Anissa Naouai Balkan war Bosnia Hague war crimes tribunal Herzegovina Marina Dzhashi

Tape Trouble: Mladic 1995 interview published by RT unknown in Hague

Originally posted on on 25 August 2011. An interview with wars crimes suspect Ratko Mladic carried by RT two weeks ago ... tags: 1995 Mladic interview Balkan war Bosnia Hague war crimes tribunal Herzegovina Radovan Karadzic Hague Ratko Mladic interview