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Bailouts Videos - 2 by Popular

Occupy Vancouver Voice of the Youth

The kids are smart, they know more of what's going on then given credit for and when they unite and let their collective voice speak, ... tags: 15 bailouts banks British Calgary Canada Columbia

Zeitgeist Vancouver at Occupy Vancouver

Zeitgeist German pronunciation tsatast is 'the spirit of the times' or 'the spirit of the age.' Zeitgeist is the general cultural, ... tags: bailouts banks BC Calgary Canada care corruption

We The People - Occupy Wall Street - Occupy Vancouver

Mon Oct 17, 2011 247pm EDT Reuters - The Earth's natural resources like food, water and forests are being depleted at an alarming speed, ... tags: 15 bailouts banks British Calgary Canada Columbia

Occupy Vancouver October 16 - 2012

All movements start small, a few people here, a few people there and it grows.. Vietnam War ends, the Berlin Wall comes down, Chinese tanks ... tags: 15 bailouts banks British Calgary Canada Columbia

No means yes

Stuffing parliaments with career politicians tags: bailouts bank debt democratic EU Euro Europe

Ron Paul: More Bailouts Will Just Prolong the Agony

10/11/11 - Please like, share, subscribe comment Email updates 10/10/2011 -- Ron Paul is America's leading voice ... tags: bailouts banks europe finance greece keynesianism news

Occupy Wall Street Simplified

The Real story behind Occupy Wall Street, the bank fraud and corruption of our political system'Occupy Wall Street' 'Occupy Wally ... tags: bailouts Bank fraud Congress cops corruption Occupy Wally Street Simplified police

LaRouchePAC Diane Sare at Occupy Wall Street October 6, 2011

Candidate Diane Sare reports from the ongoing protests at Occupy Wall Street in New York City. tags: bailouts hr1489 larouche democrats lpactv occupy occupy wall stbailouts

Is the Eurozone falling apart?

Emory University political science professor and Europe expert Thomas D. Lancaster discusses the economic problems Europe is facing, the ... tags: bailouts economics emory emory university euro eurozone france

Geoffrey B. West: Government Needs More Scientists, Fewer Economists

Complete video at Theoretical physicist Geoffrey B. West offers his view on TARP bailouts for 'too big to fail' banks, and on the ... tags: advisors bailouts big bush economic economics economists