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Stuff They Don't Want You To Know- Did ancient civilizations possess advanced technology?

The Baghdad batteries and the Antikythera mechanism have puzzled many historians -- they just appear too advanced for their time. Where did ... tags: aliens ancient antikythera baghdad history machinesaliens

Men of Steal: US troops make a killing in Iraq

War is a tragedy for many but the chance to make a fast buck for an unscrupulous few. The amount of money missing in Iraq and Afghanistan ... tags: Afghanistan army Baghdad billion cash CIA democracy

Saddam Hussein: Life and Execution of the Iraqi Dictator

This former Iraqi president was once called 'the most dangerous man in the world,' and one of the most feared dictators in recent memory. ... tags: arrest Ba ath Party Baghdad death death sentence dictator execution

Iraq: attentato in mercato a Baghdad, molte vittime

11/06/11 di almeno otto morti e 26 feriti il bilancio del triplice attentato dinamitardo avvenuto nel cuore di Baghdad, o quanto ... tags: Attacco BaghdadAttaccoBaghdadeuronews

Tres explosiones en Iraq dejan 8 muertos

11/06/11 Tres explosiones han dejado al menos ocho muertos y una veintena de heridos en la capital de Iraq. Las explosiones se han ... tags: Atentado BaghdadAtentadoBaghdadeuronews

Ersin Faikzade-Cile Bulbul Cile ALLAH-TRT Arab Live

Ersin Faikzade-Cile Blblm Cile Allah-Trt Arab Live Performance. Ambassador Ersin Faikzade of Humanity. tags: abu dabi arab arabic baghdad bulbul el hazin cile blblm cile Allah diana haddad

VFX Cinema Render

terminator character with wanted bullet and sucker punch scene and vfx style . tags: 2012 amman animation baghdad bullet demore dynamic

tracking man from rock

tracking with pftrack and maya 2012 and nuke composite . tags: 2012 after amman animation baghdad blur demoreal