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Badass Mustard Rap

TRIPPING ON DXM AT SCHOOL See more The first in a weekly of insanity from our favorite comedians. It's ... tags: animation badass ch originals funny mustard rap rap battle

Rainbow Colors In the Sky

Follow me on Twitter - Saw this leaving the job site to day after work. It was in Berlin, Maryland. tags: 75 awesome badass berlin Blue Colors cool

Daedric Domination in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Getting the Daedric Armor is quite rewarding, but what's the point of going through all the trouble if you don't put it to use We compiled ... tags: armor armour ass bad badass craft crafting

Triumphant Mud Crab

I saw a Mud Crab the other day. It was fcking awesome.Music used in this videoArena by Sinkyjames - Morning by Sinkyjames - Giant ... tags: adoring badass crab elder execution fan funny

SHIT JUST GOT REAL #002 // Machinima, hell yeah!

Obrigado a todos vocs. Cada um de vocs. Vocs que fazem esse youtube ser o que e vocs que ajudaram a criar a nossa comunidade gamer de ... tags: badass blog brasil brazil brazilian like a badass boss like a boss

123eyes - the worlds most Bling glasses

The worlds most Bling sunglasses A rare piece by master makers Bulgari - the lucky customer got these now out of production Wow Luxury ... tags: 123eyes Badass Best Black Bulgari Cool designerglasses

Otis the Bulldog Wants Attention Now!

Follow me on Twitter - Otis came to visit tonight and had this to say... tags: akc american american kennel club Animal Animals awesome badass

Battlefield 3 - Top 5 Moments

We've narrowed the most badass elements of Battlefield 3's campaign down to five. Check 'em out tags: badass battlefield bf3 elements ign IGN US ignentertainment

Honey Badger | Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' ad [video]

Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' commercial Honey BadgerHoney badger don't care Honey badger does it bad ass. to see how it gets ... tags: advertisement animals badass cobra comedy commercial dont care

Wraparound bridge from Graph Tech Guitar Labs

Dan Sindel demonstrates and discusses his upgrade from an older BADASS II bridge. The 'All New' NW-2 Resomax Wrap Around Bridge from Graph ... tags: BADASS bridge Graph Labs parts replacement Resomax