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JAXA/NASA/ESA Hinode - Solar Eclipse, November 25, 2011

Unless you're a penguin, you probably didn't see the solar eclipse that occurred last week over Antarctica and portions of South Africa and ... tags: astronomy earth eclipse ESA European Space Agency Hinode JAXA

Space Fan News #42: CERN FTL Experiment Confirmed; Water on Europa; Youngest Supernova Ever Recorded

12/03/11 I should have been a little more clear that Galileo is no longer in orbit around Jupiter. It was de-orbited into Jupiter in ... tags: astronomy europa faster than light life in the solar system M51 neutrinos space

NASA SDO - Fast Moving CME

On Saturday, November 26, 2011 a solar flare hurled a coronal mass ejection CME at about 930 km/s or 2 million mph into Space. This fast ... tags: active AIA astronomy aurora CME Coronal Dynamics

Celestron Travel Scope 60 Telescope and 8 x 30 Binoculars

For More Info or to Buy Now Celestron Travel Scope 60 Telescope and 8' x 30' BinocularsDon't let distance come between you and ... tags: 157841 22002 30 60 71319 and astronomy

Maan vaak verkeerd afgebeeld in Sinterklaastekeningen

De maan in veel Sinterklaastekeningen is verkeerd afgebeeld. Dat zegt de Groningse sterrenkundige Peter Barthel. In de meeste illustraties ... tags: Astronomy Barthel Communicating Groningse Peter Public rtvnoord

Infinite Minute #7: M104, The Sombrero Galaxy Contains the Largest, Closest Black Hole

11/24/11 Yes, this is the upload of this video. The first one contained a glaring error where I said that M104 was 28 million miles ... tags: astronomy black holes cosmology galaxies hubble space telescope space tdarnell

Phil Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids

11/21/11 What's six miles wide and can end civilization in an instant An asteroid - and there are lots of them out there. With humor and ... tags: asteroid Astronomy Director earth Science Technology TED

G299.2-2.9 in 60 Seconds

G299.2-2.9 is an intriguing supernova remnant found about 16000 light years away in the Milky Way galaxy. tags: Astronomy Astrophysics Chandra Satellite X-rayAstronomyAstrophysics

NASA SDO - Planet-sized Bubbles

An intense solar flare observation by yours truly on October 22, 2011. Especially watch the dark 'blobs' falling downward into the flare ... tags: astronomy blobs corona Dynamics flare Little Observatory

Space Fan News #41: JWST Saved; Hawking Loses a Bet, Cygnus X-1 Exists

11/19/11 NASA Budget and JWST Saved Ready to build JWST Cygnus X1 Exists tags: astronomy black holes cygnus X1 hawking NASA space tdarnell

Coronal Mass Ejection - From Sun to Earth

A coronal mass ejection CME tracked all the way from Sun to Earth. Movie compiled by Craig Deforest from several observatories. Also watch ... tags: astronomy CME Earth Ejection field Little magnetic