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Why do I make videos, anyway? (rambly...)

Just trying to get in the swing of things again. Sorry, it's a quick capture I lost my editing software, but I got a new camera finally Why ... tags: Ape atheism atheist big bang christian Christianity daniel dennett

Re: Life is a bad idea

response to I'm not calling YOU a depressed emo kid, btw Antinatalism naaaahhhh... tags: Ape liamsvlogchannel Rabid rabidapeantinatalismApeliamsvlogchannel

Increasing Voter Participation Through Instant Runoff Voting and Eliminating The Electoral College

The first video in what will hopefully be a series dealing with politics and policy. Voter turnout in the US Americans ... tags: americans elect Ape congress election Electoral College government


antinatalism OK, then what response to LiamsVlogChannel and SufferingSucks link to Steven Pinker TED on ... tags: Ape liamsvlogchannel Rabid rabidape sufferingsucksantinatalismApe

Apenheul (9)

Een dagje uit in Apenheul. In dit filmpje de Berberapen. Voor meer informatie tags: animals ape apeldoorn apen apenheul berber channel

Let's play Donkey Kong Land 3 [Part 4] Kaos kontrol!!!

yeah i replaced the C's in chaos control with K's. so i take on great ape lakes which is world 4 and i don't use as many call outs in this ... tags: ape Avatar Computer Country Day Duke Free

Gorgeous Ashish Chowdhry's Hot Kiss with Gorilla Emraan Hashmi in Double Dhamaal

Gorgeous Ashish Chowdhry's Hot Kiss in The Garden with Gorilla Emraan Hashmi in The Superb Comedy Scene From Movie Double Dhamaal tags: 2 ghanta 2 hrs Aashish ape apes Ashish Bheege

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector's Edition Unboxing

Me, my brother and my fiancee unleashing the POWER within the SKYRIM COLLECTORS EDITION box set. We went to the midnight release at ... tags: action Action Game Ad Adventure Ape Bethesda Bethesda Softworks


11/11/11 Strange monsterlike creature invades a small Appalachian Town and turns it on its ear. Get your copy of multiple ... tags: ape attack bigfoot bigfoot movie trailer bigfootbubba bubba creature

Apenheul - Gorilla presentatie 1 (indtroductie)

Korte introduectie van de serie Gorilla Presentatie en Apelheul. Voor meer inforamtie ga je naar tags: animals ape apeldoorn apen channel dieren film