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Ranks of Free Syrian Army gain strength

Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive footage of soldiers who have defected from the Syrian army. Many say they left because they were forced ... tags: Al Al Jazeera aljazeera Andrew Simmons defectors English free syrian army

Winner of Spain election faces daunting task

Spanish voters and EU leaders will be watching closely to see if the winner of Sunday's election can enact the policies needed to keep the ... tags: Al Jazeera aljazeera Andrew Simmons Austerity Election EU European Union

Greek city struggles with austerity measures

Many people in Greece are watching events in Brussels where European financial leaders held talks about the country's debt crisis, ... tags: Al Jazeera Andrew Simmons debt crisis greeceAl JazeeraAndrew Simmonsdebt crisis

First day of Greek strikes ends violently

Hundreds of youths smashed and looted stores in central Athens and clashed with riot police during a massive anti-government rally against ... tags: Andrew Simmons Athens GreeceAl JazeeraAndrew SimmonsAthensGreece

Shell's delayed clean up of the Niger Delta

Three years after a major oil spill in the Niger Delta, Shell still hasn't cleaned up its mess. The company finally admitted legal ... tags: al jazeera aljazeera Andrew Simmons Niger Shellafricanewsal jazeera

Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons reports from outside Bani Walid

Libyan fighters say they are ready at any moment to move into the town of Bani Walid. Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons reports from outside Bani ... tags: aljazeera andrew simmons bani walid libyaal jazeeraaljazeeraandrew simmons

Libyan Revolution: Rebels explore Gaddafi's bunker

Al Jazeera has gained access to part of an underground tunnel network beneath Muammar Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli.Fighting for ... tags: aljazeera andrew simmons bab al-aziziyah bunker compound fighting justin okines

Battle for Libya: Latest from Az Zawiyah and Zlitan

The Libyan capital is surrounded by rebel forces. After days of heavy fighting, key towns and cities across the west of the country have ... tags: andrew simmons az zawiyah battle fighting libya libyan opposition muammar gaddafi

Battle for Libya: 'Fierce fighting in Zlitan'

Libyan opposition forces are reportedly mounting an offensive on Zlitan in the west of the country. Zlitan is just to the east of the ... tags: aljazeera andrew simmons battle capital Tripoli clashes fighting libya