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No Predetermination? Medvedev explains why he steps aside

Russia's president's been explaining why he's not seeking a term. Dmitry Medvedev stressed that he and Vladimir Putin have common goals, ... tags: Alice Hibbert Medvedev interview Natalia Novikova Putin for president Russia truth United Russia

Shoot-to-Kill Order: NATO 'rampant' at Kosovo border

NATO troops in Northern Kosovo have bulldozed a barricade that was set up by Serbs near the border area. That's after all journalists were ... tags: Aleksey Yaroshevsky Alice Hibbert army Belgrade clashes conflict croatia

Cash Sweet Poison: 'Greece victim of Europe cheap money'

Greece is under inspection by a team of senior European and IMF officials who are assessing if the country has implemented enough austerity ... tags: Alice Hibbert Athens austerity bailout bankers banks cash

Postponing Agony: Greece on EU cash needle

German lawmakers have agreed to massively increase the size and power of the Eurozone's bailout fund - meaning Berlin will guarantee a ... tags: Aggelos Tsakanikas Alice Hibbert Athens austerity bailout clashes crisis

Kosovo on knife-edge as NATO boosts troops at border

Kosovo remains on a knife-edge, after NATO reinforced its presence at the northern border with Serbia. Anger boiled over on Tuesday at the ... tags: Aleksey Yaroshevsky Alice Hibbert army Belgrade clashes conflict croatia

Border Backfire: 'Civil war unfolding in Kosovo'

NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo have brought in more troops to a disputed border crossing in the ethnic Serb north, a day after several people ... tags: Albanians Alice Hibbert border Brussels civil war clashes conflict

Godfrey Bloom: Euro Fail for Christmas

Italy's docked a point for not moving fast enough - a credit ratings giant loses faith in Berlusconi's budget ability, while his Eurozone ... tags: Alice Hibbert austerity budget cuts default economic growth Europe German banks

Arab Misfire: Way to 'democracy' paved by Muslim Brotherhood?

For the past few months, the world has seen America's staunch backing for the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East. Libyan rebels ... tags: Alice Hibbert democracy ethnic minorities faith Middle East North Africa religion

Anger Policy: No Turkish delight for Israel

Tel Aviv will continue to abide by its peace treaty with Egypt despite the attack on its embassy in Cairo - that's according to Israel's ... tags: Alice Hibbert Arab spring Cairo Egypt embassy attack isolation Israel

Choking Syria: EU cuts oil flow

Syria is facing a fresh round of sanctions targeting its oil exports, after EU countries agreed to adopt an embargo. France, Britain and ... tags: Alice Hibbert Arab spring Bashar Assad clashes contracts Daniel Bushell Europe

Camera Shy: RT behind Syria's media-proof wall

To Syria now, where the government is accused of yet more vicious and deadly assaults on its restive cities. But with most foreign ... tags: Alice Hibbert Bashar Assad biased crisis dialog Europe fighting

Golden Retrieval: Chavez wants his billion back

Venezuela's President wants all the country's gold being held in European and American banks returned to Caracas. It would be the largest ... tags: Adrian Salbuchi Alice Hibbert banks crisis economy financial gold