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Prime Time Report - Friday, December 2nd

Mr. LaRouche's call for the 25th Amendment created a lot of waves across Washington DC but, still to this day, the executive branch has ... tags: 25th Amendment Alex Jones China executive branch impeachment Iran Israel

The World in Review · December 1, 2011

There is a grouping around the world, in different militaries, in governments, here in the United States-- of which we at LaRouche PAC are ... tags: 25th amendment dump obama impeachment larouche laroucheyouth LPACTV SDI

Lyndon LaRouche on KNFX Radio- Steve Kates Interview November 28, 2011

Radio host Steve Kates interview Lyndon LaRouche on the immediate threat of general thermonuclear war, removing Obama, and the Strategic ... tags: 25th amendment dump obama impeachment laroucheyouth LPACTV Lyndon larouche Russia

The Latest Strategic Overview from LaRouche

The latest strategic assessment from Lyndon LaRouche, recorded this past Saturday, November 12th. The political agenda as we begin this ... tags: 25th amendment impeachment LPACTV mass genocide Remove Obama World War 325th amendment

The Case for Impeachment - November 15, 2011

LaRouchePAC finds the current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors in violation of the ... tags: 25th Amendment 4th Amendment 5th Amendment Barack Obama Britiah empire drones high crimes and misdeanors

One Mission: Remove Obama Now - 11/14/2011 World In Review

This week marks the LaRouchePAC's accelerated drive to remove Obama from office, capped off at the end of the week by a crucial national ... tags: 25th Amendment British mpire Ed Hamler impeachment larouche Remove Obama world war 3

Tuesday, November 15th - While You Were Sleeping

Lunatics aren't fit to be President of the United States. Unfortunately, unless certain individuals in positions of authority step up to ... tags: 25th amendment Hector Rivas insanity larouche nreo obama World war 3

LaRouchePAC Monday, November 14th - While You Were Sleeping November 14, 2011.mp4

The issue at hand with the present turmoil in the middle east, is not what country did what to what country, the issue, is that Obama is an ... tags: 25th amendment British empire middle east nerobama new balkans world war 325th amendment

LaRouchePAC Lyndon LaRouche Addresses 'The Grand Pacific Alliance' Conference October 30, 2011

Lyndon LaRouche addresses 'The Grand Pacific Alliance', an international policy conference hosted by Congressional Candidate Summer Shields ... tags: 25th Amendment China Russia Sky Sheilds WWIII25th AmendmentChina