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Jim and Melanie's Baby Jenday Conure

This baby has been learning to fly and eat this week. It wont be long and he/she will be going home tags: 191919 rita191919baby jenday conurerita

Baby Jenday Conure

Jim and Melanie's baby Jenday is growing up so fast He will be ready to go home before we all know it tags: 191919 rita191919baby jenday conurerita

Caique Shower Time

Our pet caiques and a couple of babies taking a shower. tags: 191919 rita191919caique parrotsrita

DNA Sexing and Trying on a Flight Suit with Baby Jenday Conure

Many of my baby's new parents ask me what is involved with doing a DNA test to determine their baby's sex. When I tell them I take a blood ... tags: 191919 rita191919baby jenday conurerita

Dixie and Savanah -- Great Billed Parrots

Just a little video of Dixie and Savanah chewing some wood chunks. tags: 191919 rita191919great billed parrotsrita

5 week old Baby Jenday Conure

This baby is right over 5 weeks old now and he/she is doing really well. tags: 191919 rita191919baby jenday conurerita

4 week old Baby Jenday Conure

What can be cuter than a 4 week old bobbing head Jenday conure tags: 191919 rita191919jenday conure parrotrita

Baby Jenday Conures

The two older babies should be ready to go home in a week or maybe two. They grow up so fast Their parents went right back to nest after I ... tags: 191919 rita191919jenday conure parrotsrita

Akimi Jenday Parrot

Akimi is looking for a special home. She was born on June 27th, 2010. Her Mom had to move out of state and could not take Akimi with her. ... tags: 191919 Cute Parrot rita191919Cutejenday conure

Baby Caiques 14 weeks old

This is probably the last video of the babies as they are almost weaned and going home in the next week or two. tags: 191919 rita191919baby caique parrotsrita

Baby Black Headed Caique Parrots

We still have one more baby available in this group. The middle baby girl of the clutch of 3 babies is available. tags: 191919 rita191919black headed caiquesrita