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Complete video at: Oceanographer Sylvia Earle stresses the urgency of protecting the ocean's natural resources. Earle highlights the neglect of the exclusive economic zone, 200 miles off the coast. "We know that our lives depend on the natural systems. Yet, we act as we did 50 years ago or 500 or 5000 years ago, as if nature is infinite in its capacity to accept what we take," says Earle. ----- RETHINKING SUSTAINABILITY The Crisis Facing Oceans Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer, Mission Blue Fabien Cousteau, Third Generation Explorer, Environmentalist and Filmmaker J. Charles Fox, Program Director, Oceans Five Moderator: Ira Flatow, Science Friday, NPR Compass Summit, a forum for true interaction and exchange, examines some of today's most pressing problems through the lens of global citizenship, recognizing that human ingenuity is an unlimited resource. Guided by NPR's Ira Flatow, an intimate group of some of the world's best thinkers and doers convened along the rugged Palos Verdes coastline on Oct 23-26, 2011 at Terranea Resort to engage in meaningful conversation, ask questions, and challenge ideas -- we invite you to join in the conversation. Sylvia Alice Earle is an American oceanographer. She was chief scientist for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from 1990-1992. She is a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, sometimes called "Her Deepness" or "The Sturgeon General". She is the author of more than 125 publications concerning marine ...