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Complete video at: Valerie Hoecke, digital experience VP at Benefit Cosmetics, details the challenges of providing a good internet experience for users in China, from outdated browsers to inconsistent network speeds. "The internet is really just heavily overloaded by the amount of growth and new consumers coming on to it," says Hoecke. "Average page load for a luxury brand website in China is 16.2 seconds." ----- Module 3: Parsing Prestige in China: Case Studies & Best Practices VALERIE HOECKE | VP, Digital Experience & Commerce, Benefit Cosmetics "Lessons Learned From Our China Launch" Valerie has spent her career at interactive agencies dishing out advice and strategy to clients. She's finally getting a taste of her own medicine on the "client side" at Benefit Cosmetics. Fortunately, that medicine comes with a spoonful of sugar at prestige cosmetics brand Benefit, where the tagline is, "Laughter is the best cosmetic ... so grin and wear it." Valerie is in charge of Digital globally for Benefit, and leads the company's e-commerce sales channel across markets.