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Originally posted on on 25 August 2011. An interview with wars crimes suspect Ratko Mladic carried by RT two weeks ago seems to have been news not only to the public, but also to the one international body which is supposed to be most aware Balkan war-related matters - The Hague Tribunal. At least this is what RT judges from an inquiry about the interview and how it came into RT's possession, ordered by a criminal investigator of the Tribunal. RT will naturally co-operate with the investigation in the interests of justice, although the fact that such an important piece of evidence was missing from the Tribunal's materials is somewhat surprising, especially since the interview dates back to 1995 and was done by a Western TV channel. The interview with Mladic, a former general of the Yugoslav army and later the army of the Republika Srpska, was recorded shortly after the Srebrenica massacre, the mass killings of Bosnian Muslims which the Tribunal has defined as genocide. In it, Mladic voiced several serious allegations against the UN peacekeeping force. RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook: