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rail runner officials announced -- they're cutting weekend service. we told you earlier this week that the railrunner is facing a more than one million dollar budget shortfall for the next fiscal year. eddie garcia is live at the los ranchos rail runner station in the north valley with reaction from frequent riders and from the state tourism board. that 1-point-2 million dollars came from a federal grant which could only be used for a three year period - that time runs out this coming fiscal year. that's why the board governing the railrunner was forced to make a decision fast. rail runner weekend service will come to a screeching stop in mid-to late august. rio metro spokeswoman, augusta meyers says the service cost more to run per day than in makes in customer fare - so board members had ve little choice. while this isn't a move that i think the board wanted to make they are looking at it as a cost saving measure. meyers says the reason the board targeted the weekend is because the rail runner was originally created as a commuter service - not a tourist attraction. felicia martinez depends on the railrunner daily - she disagrees with the cut in service. i don't understand why they're cutting, i mean, you figure they spend a lot of money on just things to put on the freeway for pretty - i mean this is stuff that's more important i think than that so it's kind of sad to hear. other frequent commuters say the cut doesn't affect them. most of the riders i know are kids that go to school at unm or cnm and the workers. if they don't have much riders on the weekend i guess i can see that however it's a bummer for those people who do depend on it. meyers says because of high gas prices ridership on the weekend was on the rise - but not enough to save the service - at least for now. alternative funding sources, maybe other schedule modifications - wherever we can identify those that will certainly be considered. the weekend service has been a great service and again, the board included, they hate to see it go. deputy secretary for tourism, toni balzano, calls the cut regrettable but says she understands why it was done. she says she doesn't think it will have a big impact on tourism as a whole but says she hopes the economy will improve to the point to where we can see weekend service once again.