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A new study shows millions of cancer survivors aren't getting the medical care they need because they can't afford to pay. Itay Hod has the story from New York. WILMER WISE HAD SURGERY FOR COLON CANCER TWO MONTHS AGO. it was devastating... DOCTORS ARE RECOMMENDING CHEMOTHERAPY. BUT WISE CAN'T AFFORD HIS COPAY.. 500 DOLLARS A SESSION. You could go to the poor house with the amount of money this thing is going to charge and I frankly don't have it SO, HE'S DELAYING TREATMENT THAT COULD SAVE HIS LIFE. .. AND HE'S NOT ALONE. A NEW STUDY SHOWS MORE THAN TWO MILLION CANCER PATIENTS IN THE U-S ARE FORCED TO PUT OFF MEDICAL TREATMENT EVERY YEAR BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT. ABOUT 10 PERCENT REPORT THEY AREN'T ABLE TO PAY FOR PRESCRIPTIONS. 11 PERCENT HAD TO POSTPONE DENTAL CARE AND THREE PERCENT CAN'T GET THE PSYCHIATRIC THERAPY THEY NEED. PUTTING OFF CARE CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS DOWN THE ROAD , ESPECIALLY FOR PEOPLE BATTLING CANCER. Cancer survivors really do need to be monitored and followed closely and anything that prevents them from getting the care that they need is concerning to us. WILMER NEEDS 6 MONTHS OF CHEMOTHERAPY. I would hope that somehow, someway I get the wherewithal to start the treatment because I want to live and it is life or death...FOR WILMER AND SO MANY OTHERS.. EVEN WITH INSURANCE.. THE PRICE TAG FOR TREATMENT IS STILL TOO HIGH. ITAY HOD FOR CBS NEWS, NEW YORK. Wilmer is currently working with the American Cancer Society to apply for financial help to pay for his treatments.