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Emergency management personnel require seamless communications during times of crisis to rapidly coordinate assessment of and response to natural disasters and man-made events. Up until now, direct communications between federal, state and local first responders has been challenging due to disparate, and often, incompatible systems. Chuck Vick, manager of emergency communications product marketing for Verizon Business, discuses a new service, Verizon Communications Interoperability Solution, which integrates legacy radio, voice, data and wireless networks via Internet protocol (IP) to enable instant communications among public safety organizations, regardless of legacy infrastructure. Verizon Business is the first North American service provider to offer this service, which is based on the Cisco IP Interoperability and Communications System (IPICS).

Tags: Verizon Business, Verizon Communications Interoperability Solution, first responders, Chuck Vick, Emergency management personnel, natural disasters, Cisco IP Interoperability and Communications System, IPICS