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Number ten off Personal Musiq: They're More Than Songs.This song is the old times versus the new times. How we all miss when we were young and were clueless of life's dangers. Verse one is about my personal (past)struggles. Verse two is about the young male trying to survive and the tempations and struggles that he faces. Verse three is about how my family helped me get through the rain or how we all got through the rain with each others help.Lyrics:Intro:"I miss those younger years, man. (Yeah)Take life day by day, play in the rain. (It was all good)It wouldn't be nothin', man. No stress, no problems, no issues, man. (Livin' life)I'ma let it out, man. (Let's do it)I'ma bring it back, man. [Anonymous Flow]Yeah. Ayo."Verse one:I'm missin' those times when I would play. Now-a-days it's like every day is full of pain. Every day you hustle 'cause you struggle; man, I miss the rain. It doesn't make sense how life hurts. I wish you could feel what I put in this verse. The pain flowing through veins in my body. Depression gots me crying, grippin' this shotty. Sometimes I wish it would end but then I let it out through the pen. Got the ink talking for me. Letters, now words are finally forming. Got me suicidal and feelin' depressed but I keep strong faith with a cross on my chest. I miss the old days when I could play. No stress on my chest and I would just lay. You see I'm reminiscin', wishin' it was rainin' again, but then I find myself complainin' again. (...Will it ever end?)"The rain. The rain."Verse two:Back in the old days, we could just chill. Now-a-days it's all about that dolla' bill. Businesses don't care how ya feel. Ya pissed off 'n' feel ripped off, 'n' grab the steel. Need 40 more dollas for ya family's meal. Clog ya lung wit' drugs 'n' start poppin' pills. The world has ya stressed out. Always at work 'n' ya feel left out. Tryin' to feed ya girl 'n' ya newborn baby. Needin' more money has ya thinkin' crazy. She's cheatin' on ya, 'n' ya want a new lady. You owe some money to some other dudes and ya baby needs some new shoes. So you start workin' tha' corner. It's always cold and doesn't get any warmer. Your life has you goin' nuts. It always revolves around them green bucks. You're thinkin' to yourself, "Where do you run when you run outta' luck?" (...Where's the rain?)"The rain. The rain."Verse three:I wish I could kiss those times goodbye but they're stuck in my mind like a re-occuring rhyme. I miss when we had nothin' but fun but now-a-days it's like every day you're stuck on the run. I'm not a gang-banga' and don't rep a color. I keep friends close but I'm closer to my brother. When times are at their worst, my family comes first. I put all my love into this third verse. My family goes through their ups-'n'-downs, but like good karma, they always come around. Through the storms, my brother was close to me. A tight bond, like a family is supposed to be. I got nothing but love for my fam. They me as a little boy and made me a man. My brothers were rough on me but they showed me how tough love can be. Thank God for the rain that fell on me."The rain. The rain. The rain."

Author: AndrewAmyx
Keywords: Anonymous Flow Andrew Amyx The Rain Hip Hop Essence Rap Music New Personal Musiq Theyre More Than Songs Reminisce Reminiscing Memory Family Misery Struggle Hustle Raleigh NC North Carolina Sanderons High School HS
Added: February 11, 2009